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Brewster County Hazard Mitigation Plan: Click Here to participate in an important survey!

The survey addresses the following hazards identified in the 2015 Far West Texas Hazard Mitigation Plan: Flooding, Extreme Heat, Hail Storms, Winter Storms/Snow, Dam/ Levee failures, Wildfires/Grass Fires, Wind Storms/Downbursts, Earthquakes, Drought, Ice Storms, and Tornadoes.

In order to update the Rio Grande Council of Governments Hazard Mitigation Plan, which covers your jurisdiction, it is necessary to identify the occurrence of hazards, losses due to those natural hazards, and projects or actions that have been taken to reduce or mitigate the effects of those hazards. It is also necessary to develop a comprehensive understanding of local community capabilities.

Click Here to participate in the Brewster County Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey