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Planning & Zoning


 Ward 1:  Rawles Williams  Ward 5: Denis Foley
 Ward 2: Tim Pierce  At Large: Dick Zimmer
 Ward 3: Eileen Rouke  At Large: Tom Kennedy
 Ward 4: VACANT  


Section 2-201 Created; membership; terms.

There is created and established for the city, being a home rule municipality, a planning and zoning commission which shall be composed of seven members, five of whom shall represent one of the five election wards of the city. Two members shall be selected from the city at large. The members shall be resident citizens, taxpayers and qualified voters of the city. The members shall be recommended by a councilmember representing each ward and shall be appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the city council. The members shall serve terms of two years, and the terms of members shall align and coincide with that of the recommending councilmember. All vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as provided for original appointments. All expired terms shall be filled as provided for original appointments and in the same manner. Members of the commission may be removed by the mayor, with the consent of the city council, after being absent from three consecutive meetings without being excused by the mayor. The reason for an absence shall be reported to the mayor or city secretary before the meeting occurs and shall be recorded in the minutes of the scheduled meeting together with the mayor's decision on the absence. Members of the building and standards commission may not also be members of the planning and zoning commission. The members of the commission shall serve without compensation. The commission shall meet at least quarterly.

Code of Ordinances: Chapter 2 Administration: Division 2. Planning and Zoning Commission

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