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Parks & Recreation


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Sec. 16-152. Purpose.
The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Board is to provide recommendations and suggestions to the City Council regarding the Parks and Recreation endeavors of the City. The Parks and Recreation Board also jointly serves as the Beautification and Environmental Committee with an aim of advising the City Council on the beautification and environmental endeavors of the City.

Sec. 16-153.Duties. The duties of the Parks and Recreation Board shall be to receive suggestions, study situations, plans, and projects, and generally act in an advisory capacity to such extent as the City Council may desire to be advised relative to the parks and recreation program and the beautification and environmental program of the City. The Parks and Recreation Board may make such reports as the Council may request so that the Council may have the benefit of the opinions of interested citizens and groups who have time and are willing to make a more in-depth study of, and reports on, park and recreation matters than time will permit the council to engage in, considering the variety of other city business to be dealt with. Other duties of the Parks and Recreation Board include the evaluation of conservation development and concerns, to inform and engage citizens in environmental issues, to develop and implement land protection techniques, to educate the public on issues relating to environmental concerns, to advise the City Council relative to environmental concerns of the community, to promote preservation and conservation efforts within the community, to evaluate programs and issues that have an environmental impact on the community, and to oversee the planning of open space and development and smart growth issues.

Code of Ordinances: Parks & Recreation

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