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Utility Department

Water Department
Interim Director of Public Utilities
Jessica Washington

Administrative Assistant

Hours of Operation:
8:00am - 5:00pm 
Monday - Friday

(432) 837-0047
Water Department:
(432) 837- 3281
Sewer Plant: (432) 834-7364
(432) 837-1710

309 West Sul Ross Ave
Alpine, Texas  79830

Water Department Map

General Info

Report Water Line Breaks/Sewage Stoppages:
Call 837-0047 during business hours, or the Police Department at 837-3486 after hours and on weekends.

Utility Billing Questions:

For questions regarding utility bills, contact the Water Utility Billing Office at (432) 837-0047 between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday.

Line Location:
To review water and/or sewer maps, you may visit the Water Office at 309 W. Sul Ross. The maps show lines on public property only.

Online Water Utility Payments

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Online Gas Utility Payments
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Flat Rate Billing
The City of Alpine offers flat-rate billing for water service. This allows the customer to pay the same amount each month.


Here is how it works:

  • The Utility Department averages the amount that the account was charged for water during the prior 12 month period.
  • This amount is added to the current monthly charge for sewer, garbage, and recycling.
  • The customer agrees to pay this amount each month.
  • The flat-rate amount is recalculated each October.

To find out more about flat rate billing, visit the City Utility Department or call 837-0047.

The Water Utilities are owned by the City of Alpine. Alpine has developed a water supply that is adequate for the near future. The City’s water is provided by two primary well fields and several individual wells.

To turn water on or off, visit the Water Utility Billing Office at 100 N. 13th Street, Alpine, Texas 79830.

The rates below are as of 9/4/2016.
Monthly Water Rates

Gallons per Month
First 2,000 gallons (minimum) 8.57
Price per additional 1,000 gallons
3,000 – 5,000 3.30
5,001 – 12,000 3.35
12,001 – 25,000 3.40
25,001 – 100,000 3.50
Over 100,000 3.60

Accounts located outside the city limits are charged 1.5 times the in-city rate.

Bulk Water Rates

First 1,000 Gallons 11.33
Next 1,000 gallons and thereafter/per 1,000 25.75

Monthly Meter Charge

Besides the charge for water used, all water accounts are assessed a monthly Meter Charge, based on the size of the meter provided.

Meter Size Residential Commercial
0.75″ 6.00 7.00
1.00″ 9.00 10.00
1.50″ 14.00 15.00
2.00″ 18.00 19.00
3.00″ 32.00 32.00
4.00″ 41.00 41.00
6.00″ 56.00 56.00
8.00″ 67.00 67.00

Accounts located outside the city limits are charged 1.5 times the in-city rate.

Water Facilities

Approximately 65% of the City’s water comes from the Musquiz Well Field located 10 miles north of Alpine. Another 30% comes from the Sunny Glen Well Field located 8 miles northwest of Alpine. The remaining 5% is produced by several small wells located around the city.

The Musquiz Pump Station and Storage Facility:

  • 2 500,000 gallon storage tanks
  • 3,500 gallon per minute booster pump capacity
  • Disinfection facilities

The Sunny Glen Pump Station and Storage Facility:

  • 2 100,000 gallon storage tanks
  • 1,500 gallon per minute booster pump capacity
  • Disinfection facilities

Alpine Hill Elevated Storage:

  • 1 million gallon storage tank
  • 1 500,000 gallon storage tank
  • Disinfection facilities

East Tank Pump Station and Storage Facility:

  • 100,000-gallon storage tank
  • 600 gallon per minute booster pump capacity
  • Disinfection facilities

Water Quality

  • 1999 Water Quality Report
  • 2001 Water Quality Report
  • 2002 Water Quality Report
  • 2003 Water Quality Report
  • 2004 Water Quality Report
  • 2014 Water Quality Report

2015 – Consumer Confidence Report
2016 – Consumer Confidence Report
2017 – Consumer Confidence Report
2018 -  Consumer Confidence Report
2019 -  Consumer Confidence Report
2020 -  Consumer Confidence Report


The City of Alpine has an extended air-activated sewage treatment facility. The daily treatment capacity is 1,480,000 gallons, and the current flow is 450,000 gallons per day. Some of the effluent from the plant is used to water the golf course.

Permit for City of Alpine Wastewater Treatment Plant

Monthly Sewer Rates

Sewer charges are based upon the amount of water used by the customer. Charges are re-calculated each October. The average monthly water usage (used to calculate sewer charges) is based on the prior December-February period.

Sewer Rates as of 9/4/2016:

Minimum Rates for the First 1,000Gallons of Sewer Usage 15.50 (Flat Rate)
First 4000 Gallons of Sewer Usage 14.55
Each 1000 Gallons over 4000 base rate 2.78

Accounts located outside the city limits are charged 1.5 times the in-city rate.


The City of Alpine owns a landfill east of the city. The landfill is contract operated by Texas Disposal Systems. All questions concerning Refuse Service should be referred to Texas Disposal Systems at 837-0845.

For City of Alpine sanitation rates please call: (432) 837 - 3301

Residential accounts located outside the city limits are charged 1.5 times the in-city rate.

Refuse Charges are subject to local and state Sales Tax.

Citizens who live outside the city limits and desire to deposit their household refuse in a city container must purchase a Refuse Permit. 

Commercial establishments that need dedicated refuse containers with specific pick-up schedules should contact Texas Disposal Systems at 837-0845.

City of Alpine Landfill Rates:

Landfill Rates 11-2019