Citations & Court Appearance

Citations & Court Appearance


If you were issued a ticket from a City of Alpine Police Officer you must appear either in person or by mail by that date.  Your appearance date is listed on your citation directly below your electronic signature. This Appear on or Before date is usually 10 calendar days from the date of offense. The Alpine Municipal Court does not require your appearance before the judge in open court if you are an adult. You have options to dispose of your citation at your convenience at the Municipal Court Clerk's Office, as long as you do so on or before the appearance date listed.  

If your appearance is by mail, your plea must be postmarked on or before the appearance date. Neither telephone calls nor fax transmissions constitute an appearance.

You can request a trial by Judge or Jury.

You may pay a citation or fines by mail, online at, by phone at 1-844-507-3651, or in person at 100 N 13th Street, Alpine, TX 79830.  You can also submit the payment by mail to the same address. 


About Your Appearance:

Your signature on a citation is not a plea of guilt, it's a promise to appear.  Failure to appear or make arrangements on a citation/charge can result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and additional cost being assessed against you.

Citations issued to minors; a person under the age of 17, must appear with a parent or guardian.  All juveniles must contact the court in person or by mail on or before the appearance date on the citation to be reset for a court date. Juveniles must appear in open court before the Judge with their parent or legal guardian on the reset date.