Code Compliance

Code Compliance

Code Compliance

The City of Alpine continues in its effort to provide a safe and hazard-free community. Enforcement of City Codes have been created to protect the citizens. Especially regarding the prevention and elimination of fire, health, safety and building hazards. In doing so, we are charged with the responsibility of notifying property owners of hazardous conditions that exist. 


The Code Compliance Department enforces specific codes and ordinances adopted by the City of Alpine.
The most current and latest edition of the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). The most current International Property Maintenance Code. The current and most recent edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code (gas code). 
Codes adopted are for regulating and governing the conditions and maintenance of all property, including existing structures and premises, to ensure that structures are safe, sanitary and fit for human occupancy and use, and also for the corrections or demolition of such structures in the city of Alpine, Texas.


To protect property values, natural resources and ensure safe conditions by enforcing City of Alpine’s adopted codes and ordinances.

To educate the public about the zoning codes and ordinances adopted by the City of Alpine. To obtain Voluntary Compliance through a professional and courteous manner; To provide positive customer service to all citizens; To bring properties into compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.


  1. Notice of violation and or a citation will be given to the property owner, giving 10 reasonable days to correct the violation. If the violation is corrected within the 10-day period no fine will be issued.
  2. If compliance cannot be gained voluntarily in a reasonable time a fine will incur.
  3. Major violations such as demolition of a home, building, moving a mobile home without permit, working without permits hazardous waste, such as: tires, batteries, or oil spills a stop work order will be issued along with a fine. The Code Compliance Officer will explain the abatement process with the offender.
Code Officers treat all property owners in the same professional and consistent manner. Notifications are given to residents and businesses in all parts of the city – including city employees and elected officials when violations are identified.


High Grass and Weeds

Residents are responsible for maintaining the grass and weeds on their property, including all adjacent parkways and alley easements. Grass and weeds are in violation when they reach a height of 12 inches.
"It shall be unlawful for any owner of real property within the corporate limits of the city to fail to keep such real property free of any unsightly, unwholesome, unsanitary or dangerous condition, including, but not limited to, the failure of such owner to remove, or cause to be removed from such property, all debris, brush, weeds, garbage not in regulation containers, carrion, rubbish, filth or any other impure, unwholesome, unsightly or unsanitary matter of any nature." Sec. 54-202

Trash and Debris

Trash, rubbish or object able matter of any kind is not allowed to accumulate on any property. "It shall be unlawful for any person who shall own or occupy any house, buildings, establishment, lot or yard in the city, to permit or allow any carrion, filth, trash, rubbish or other impure or unwholesome matter to accumulate or remain thereon." Sec. 54-212

Junk Vehicles

Junk vehicles, which are defined as vehicles that are wrecked, dismantled or inoperable and do not have a current registration, may not be parked in public view. Sec. 94-601

Yard Parking

Boats, trailers, campers, motor homes or vehicles of any kind must be parked on an approved surface. Parking on grass or another unapproved surface is prohibited. If you have questions about your existing parking of an R.V. or camper and trailers, please contact the code compliance department. Some uses will be acceptable with proper use permits. Supplementary district regulations


Residents are responsible for maintain the fence around their property. Fences should be maintained so they do not lean severely and are not missing slats or sections.

New fences or significant replacement of existing fences require a permit. Fences and walls shall be constructed with long-lasting materials and architecturally integrated with the building design.

Residential fences can be built on or inside a home's property line. Determining where the property lines are located usually is left to the homeowner; you can get your lot lines marked by a surveyor.

The maximum height is 4 feet in the front yard (forward of the primary house façade) and 7 feet in a backyard (behind the primary façade).

Corner lots are subject to special restrictions for driver and pedestrian visibility at the corner. The visibility triangle, is an area defined by measuring back from the corner along adjacent roadways, 15 feet along both legs of the triangle. Section 6. - Supplementary district regulations

Address Numbers 

To enable the Police and Fire Departments to respond quickly to emergency calls, address numbers must be posted so that they are clearly visible from the street and alley. Numbers must be posted on the curb or curbside mailbox and on the front of a residence or business. Sec. 86-132 

Open Storage

Open storage is defined as the placement of an item that is not customarily used or stored outside. Open storage is prohibited in the front yard, on the front porch, under a carport, or any other unenclosed area. All items stored outdoors must be screened from adjacent properties, streets and alleys. If you have questions about proper methods of screening outdoor storage please contact code compliance. Sec. 54-211 

City of Alpine’s code compliance department is geared toward voluntary compliance.
In other words, every reasonable effort is made to correct a violation before a citation is issued. The first contact is almost always a notification or a door-hanger to let the property owner know about existing violations. Code Officers will set a reasonable timeline for compliance, and give contact information in case the owner disagrees with or does not understand the notice. Revenue received from the code citations falls far short of paying for the code officer and there is no quota set for a number of citations issued or amount of citation money collected.
Code enforcement investigates reports of code violations and ensures that the standards required by City codes are met. Code enforcement works closely with local authorities, contractors, and other City departments to bring properties into compliance.


Building Official  Code Compliance Permits
Andrew Devaney Adelina Beall Jessica Boorse
Phone: (432) 837-3281
Fax: (432) 837-1710
Hours of Operation: Location:  
Monday - Friday 309 W Sul Ross Ave
8:00am - 5:00pm  Alpine, Texas 79830


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