Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing

The City of Alpine is proud to announce online payments for WATER & GAS Utilities!!!

ePay through the City of Alpine is a quick and convenient way to pay your water bill, without the hassle of stamps, checks, or waiting in line.

eBill allows you to receive your water bill directly to your email without having to wait for your bill to arrive.

Create a new user registration by clicking on:


Water Bill Link



Gas Bill Link

New User Registration Guide:

Register on this page by clicking the "Register" button on the left-hand side of the page. 

New User Sign In

Fill out your information:

Registration Information

If you have not received your verification email (example below) please check your spam/junk folder and add us to your address book.

Verification Email

Once your account is registered you can choose whether to pay your bill through ePay or sign up to only receive eBills. To receive eBills or to pay the full amount of your bill, choose the 'View & Pay Bills' link. To Pay any other amount other than your bill, choose the 'Pay Other Items' link.

Water eCommerce Menu

You will have to add your account and PIN number off of your current bill.
The PIN is located to the left of the postage, above your name & address. It is a 5 (five) digit number.
If you are having any problems locating either on of these numbers, please call the water dept. at (432) 837-0047.
Adding your account will sign you up for eBill and will give you access to pay your bill online.


If you have more than one account do not forget too add them.

Add Accounts
Add Accounts 2

If you choose to pay a different amount other then what is on your bill, click on the 'Pay Other Items' button, you will need your account number for this:

Water eCommerce Pay Other Items
Water Make a Payment

Please be aware that there is a convenience fee of 3% of the amount you are choosing to pay, plus $0.35.
If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact your water department at 432-837-0047.