FY 2015-16 Budget Schedule

August 4, 2015
Dear Citizens,

I wanted to share with the community our target dates for budget hearings, approvals, etc…

We do have our second budget hearing later this afternoon and the remainder of target dates are as follows:

August 18th – Public Hearing #1 on Tax Rate and Budget Hearing (during regular City Council Meeting)
August 25th – 5:30p – Public Hearing #2 on Tax Rate (this would be a Special Meeting)
September 1st – 5p – Approval of Tax Revenue (Special Meeting) – Adjourn 5:30p – Adoption of Tax rate, establishment of I&S dollars and Budget Approval at Regular City Council meeting.
These dates are subject to change, but we want to get the information out in order to allow as many people to attend as have interest.

We have also posted the Proposed Budget on the front page of our website.

Thank you and have a wonderful day here in Alpine!

Erik Zimmer, City Manager